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Willow And Olivia – Cake So Good

With all the cake wars and cake bosses, one would think we are so over it in fluffy baked goodness. Well guess what: There’s someone making her mark in NYC and evolving the sweet treats into something more 2K11.

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NY Gay Marriage To the Senate

Last night, NY State lawmakers still had not made it clear as to whether it will be the next state to allow gay marriage. It could be a stall tactic, but who really knows at this point. It’s been stated that Republicans might not enable the gay marriage bill on the Senate floor before summer break. The support breakdown is 29Dem and 2Rep (yea imagine that!) so we will see!

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Moving Furniture. Back Soon!

NY Passes Marriage Equality Bill

*** over two years ago I posed this (May 13, 2009) ***

This was an email I got this morning.  Please share.  It’s important, even if you’re not gay.  I’m sure you know at least one person (that you love) who is. ~Nina
— New York State is now one step closer to marriage equality. Last night, the New York State Assembly passed the marriage equality bill (A.7732) with a vote of 89 to 52.

Thanks go to Governor Paterson and Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell for their leadership. Special thanks also to the thousands of HRC members and supporters who reached out to legislators in Albany and shared their personal stories and dreams of equality for all New York families.

Marriage equality now moves to the New York Senate, where the vote is expected to be exceptionally close. Take action today to let your state senator know that you want him or her to pass the marriage equality bill (S.4401).

Marriage equality on the move in New York will be a rallying cry for opponents of equality, too. The right wing National Organization for Marriage is planning a rally outside the Governor’s office this Sunday to protest his support for equal civil marriage rights to protect all New York families.

We know that support for equality runs deep in New York, so if you can be in New York City this Sunday, May 17th, join us for Action=Equality from 5-7 p.m. at 6th Ave. and 45th St. Help celebrate the passage of marriage equality in the Assembly and find out what you can do to help pass this bill in the Senate. Join HRC, Broadway Impact, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, the cast of Hair, Audra McDonald, Cheyenne Jackson, Gavin Creel, and of course, our friends Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell and Senator Tom Duane for Action=Equality.

And don’t forget to send a message to your senator today.


Joe Solmonese
President, Human Rights Campaign

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