In all my blogger, designer, chatter, photographing years, this “About Me” has evolved as much as my hair styles, music, and friend circles. So as of today, me and this web home are about:

  • Supporting projects that promote crafts, social/environmental awareness, and other creative births in the form of financial sponsorship, media ad placement, event co-planning, data management, and web hosting/design.
  • Utilizing my skills and experience in multi-social media and publishing to design and restructure content workflow in between websites, shopcarts, email campaigns, and social network engagement.
  • Aiding in documenting the creative process through film and web/podcasts to speak with your audience; and not AT them.
  • Capturing art and life behind the lens. This includes photojournalism, editorial concepts for new product, and coverage to create advert stock photography for later.
  • Providing a home base for the spirit of me and what I stand for in a diverse city of millions. I love NY!


Some other snippets: A pet parent, glbt activist, foodie, opinion poster, tax payer, home owner, bath chemist, photographer, creative writer, techie, wine lover, blessing caster, a friend.

Egg Overeasy Inc. was incorporated in 2010 to establish a stable footprint and foundation for all the wonderful things I’ve had the honor to be a part of, separate from the 9-5 grind.

*** I don’t take on lots of projects at once for money; don’t need to, thanks to a awesome career I have in the publishing industry. I work with those who have a vision I can believe in. ***



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